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With the free JSON3D Gallery, you can now visualize and share the same 3D model from a Web browser or from a Mobile/Tablet. JSON3D Gallery does not require ANY software or plug-in installation on your desktop computer. Just sign-in, upload CAD files and share your models as simple URLs that you can freely embed into emails, social networks or Web pages. As a free product, JSON3D Gallery limits uploaded file size to 10 MB.


JSON3D file format is pure JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), Part of ECMAScript/Javascript ISO Standard which is the only standard for Web applications used in conjunction with HTML5. JSON3D is open (textual), customizable, optimized for compressed Web transmission/usage and compatible with Mobile/Tablet.


TFTLabs line of products and technologies is focused on 3D communication and interoperability on the Web. JSON3D Gallery is part of TFTLabs products which are available on various operating systems/browsers and mobile devices. TFTLabs products work directly on 3D data from all native or generic CAD formats (more than 20 formats) up to their latest revision.


The whole technology behind the products is owned by TFTLabs, whose key people have a unique experience in 3D CAD interoperability since 20 years.